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Product Lines
  1. ATI BTI MTI SDT Timers
  2. AV210 Angle-seat valve
  3. AVTA Thermostatic valve
  4. AVTB Thermostatic valve
  5. BCP Pressure controller
  6. CAS Pressure switch
  7. CAS Temperature switch
  8. CI 6 9 12 16 25 50 Contactor
  9. CS Pressure Switch
  10. CTI Circuit breakers
  11. EMP 2 Transmitter
  12. ETB Clip-on timer
  13. EV210A Direct-operated solenoid valve
  14. EV210B Direct operated solenoid valve
  15. EV215B Direct-operated solenoid valve
  16. EV220A with filter Servo-operated solenoid valve
  17. EV220A Servo-operated solenoid valve
  18. EV220B 15-50 Servo-operated solenoid valve
  19. EV220B 6-22 Direct-operated solenoid valve
  20. EV220B 65-100 Servo-operated solenoid valve
  21. EV220X Externally operated valve
  22. EV222B Servo-operated solenoid valve
  23. EV224B Servo-operated solenoid valve
  24. EV225B Servo-operated solenoid valve
  25. EV250B Assisted-lift solenoid valve
  26. EV260B Proportional valve
  27. EV310A Direct-operated 3 way solenoid valve
  28. EV310B Direct-operated 3 way solenoid valve
  29. FJVA Thermostatic valve
  30. KP - KPI Pressure Switch
  31. KP - KPI Thermostat
  32. KPS Pressure Switch
  33. KPS Temperature Switch
  34. MBC 5000 Pressure switch
  35. MBC 5100 Pressure switch
  36. MBC 5180 Pressure switch
  37. MBD 1000 Plug-in display
  38. MBS 1700/1750 Transmitter
  39. MBS 3000 Transmitter
  40. MBS 3050 Transmitter
  41. MBS 32 Transmitter
  42. MBS 3250 Transmitter
  43. MBS 33 Transmitter
  44. MBS 33M Transmitter
  45. MBS 4010 Transmitter
  46. MBS 4510 Transmitter
  47. MBS 4701 Transmitter
  48. MBS 5100 Transmitter
  49. MBS 5150 Transmitter
  50. MBT 153 Sensor
  51. MBT 3260 Sensor
  52. MBT 3560 Sensor
  53. MBT 5252 Sensor
  54. MBV 2000 Isolation valve
  55. MBV 3000 Test valve
  56. MBV 5000 Test valves
  57. MCI TCI Soft starters
  58. RT Pressure switch
  59. RT Thermostat
  60. TI 9 16 30 80 86 Thermal overload
  61. WVTS Thermostatic valves

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Asco Joucomatic


ASCO Joucomatic Numatics Official Distributor

ASCO solenoid valves
and fluid control ranges along with Joucomatic pneumatics have been enhanced by the integration with Numatics, this will provide you with access to an even broader array of solutions to maximise the efficiency of your machines and plant. New product ranges and increased competence across different sectors with a pooling of staff resources will allow you to benefit from an offering that meets all your specific needs.
Asco Numatics is the worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of quality solenoid valves. Asco Numatics products are designed to control the flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam. Asco Numatics heritage of innovation has resulted in an extensive line of Asco Numatics products that range from two position on/off valves to entire flow control solutions designed to meet requirements of thousands of customers. Whether you need a minor modification of a core product or a complete flow control solution.

FLUID CONTROLS - Asco is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of quality fluid control components. The Asco solenoid valve range is valued across the globe for its quality, reliability, performance in demanding conditions and broad selection of 2, 3 and 4 Way valves.  Asco continually strives to perfect and diversify their product offerings and has built an enviable stable of products including Tri-Point Pressure and Temperature switches, Valves for Combustion systems, Air Preparation Equipment, Fluid Power Products, Pressure Transmitters and Valve Monitoring Systems for quarter turn actuators.

FLUID POWER - Asco Joucomatic Numatics provides a broad range of pneumatic and motion control products for industrial applications. These include valve manifolds, filters, regulators, lubricators (FLRs), and dryers, plus cylinders, grippers, slides and gantries.

ASEPTIC VALVES - The new range of Asco aseptic valves comprises the KMD, KMA and Steripur styles, all with stainless steel 316L bodies which have contoured and streamlined surfaces and are self draining.

M & M Controls are ASCO Joucomatic Numatics distributors for process solenoid valves, pneumatic actuators, solenoid operated valves and many other pneumatic and fluid control products in the UK.
From industrial vacuum to saturated steam, find out all your valve, solenoid valve and pneumatic needs.

Asco_Process_Valve170x170.bmp Joucomatic_Pneumatics170x170_1.bmp
ASCO Solenoid Valves And Process Controls ASCO Joucomatic Numatics Pneumatics
Numatics170x170_1.bmp filter_regs170x170_1.bmp
ASCO Numatics Pnumatics ASCO Joucomatic Numatics Air Service
Joucomatic_Accessories170x170_1.bmp numatics_air_service170x170_2.bmp
ASCO Joucomatic Numatics Accessories ASCO Numatics Air Service
ASCO Aseptic Valves

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