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Sirai Solenoid Valves And Pressure Switches For Coffee Machines

Sirai and the world of coffee starts in a distant past. Many years ago they started to exercise this, designing and manufacturing a product, the pressure switch, for which they have become well known and appreciated by espresso coffee machine makers all over the world.
But the passion which has propelled Sirai does not stop here; during the course of the years they have developed a family of valves thinking specifically in order to, together with the pressure switch, guarantee adequate performance and reliability for the “nobility” of this product.

Sirai Solenoid Valves And Pressure Switches
Sirai Solenoid Valves And Pressure Switches -

Sirai solenoid valve models available with:
-Nickel-plating chemical treatment (Ni-P), conforming to the NSF standards.
-Valve bodies made of non-standard materials.
-Sealings in various materials.
-ClassH(+180°C) coils, UL approved.
-Class F (+155°C) coils, with special voltages windings, UL or VDE approved.
-Coils with flying leads electric connections.

Sirai pressure switch range is designed so to open a three-pole electric circuit when the pressure in the system rises and to close it when the pressure decreases.
Designed for electric boilers of coffee machines as main application.
In conformity with EU Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS Directive)

-Cover in glass fibre reinforced PBT (Polybutylene-terephtalate).
-A diaphragm in PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) backed by a diaphragm in FPM (fluoro-carbon elastomer) is the sensing element wetted by the medium.
-It can withstand overpressures up to 2.1 bar.
-Snap action switch is vibration resistant type.
-Silver contacts with double break for each phase
-Diaphragm housing in forged brass with pressure intake for bi-conical connection.
-The pressure switch can be adjusted at will at pressure value “P” included in the range: in this way the opening pressure is set.
-The Dp value is pre-fixed and understood as the differential of the pressure switch. 

Data Sheet Coffee Machine Controls pdf
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