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Product Lines
  1. ATI BTI MTI SDT Timers
  2. AV210 Angle-seat valve
  3. AVTA Thermostatic valve
  4. AVTB Thermostatic valve
  5. BCP Pressure controller
  6. CAS Pressure switch
  7. CAS Temperature switch
  8. CI 6 9 12 16 25 50 Contactor
  9. CS Pressure Switch
  10. CTI Circuit breakers
  11. EMP 2 Transmitter
  12. ETB Clip-on timer
  13. EV210A Direct-operated solenoid valve
  14. EV210B Direct operated solenoid valve
  15. EV215B Direct-operated solenoid valve
  16. EV220A with filter Servo-operated solenoid valve
  17. EV220A Servo-operated solenoid valve
  18. EV220B 15-50 Servo-operated solenoid valve
  19. EV220B 6-22 Direct-operated solenoid valve
  20. EV220B 65-100 Servo-operated solenoid valve
  21. EV220X Externally operated valve
  22. EV222B Servo-operated solenoid valve
  23. EV224B Servo-operated solenoid valve
  24. EV225B Servo-operated solenoid valve
  25. EV250B Assisted-lift solenoid valve
  26. EV260B Proportional valve
  27. EV310A Direct-operated 3 way solenoid valve
  28. EV310B Direct-operated 3 way solenoid valve
  29. FJVA Thermostatic valve
  30. KP - KPI Pressure Switch
  31. KP - KPI Thermostat
  32. KPS Pressure Switch
  33. KPS Temperature Switch
  34. MBC 5000 Pressure switch
  35. MBC 5100 Pressure switch
  36. MBC 5180 Pressure switch
  37. MBD 1000 Plug-in display
  38. MBS 1700/1750 Transmitter
  39. MBS 3000 Transmitter
  40. MBS 3050 Transmitter
  41. MBS 32 Transmitter
  42. MBS 3250 Transmitter
  43. MBS 33 Transmitter
  44. MBS 33M Transmitter
  45. MBS 4010 Transmitter
  46. MBS 4510 Transmitter
  47. MBS 4701 Transmitter
  48. MBS 5100 Transmitter
  49. MBS 5150 Transmitter
  50. MBT 153 Sensor
  51. MBT 3260 Sensor
  52. MBT 3560 Sensor
  53. MBT 5252 Sensor
  54. MBV 2000 Isolation valve
  55. MBV 3000 Test valve
  56. MBV 5000 Test valves
  57. MCI TCI Soft starters
  58. RT Pressure switch
  59. RT Thermostat
  60. TI 9 16 30 80 86 Thermal overload
  61. WVTS Thermostatic valves

Proportional Asco Numatics Valves

Asco Proportional valves are autonomous and enable simple adaptation of the various adjustments necessary for each process line directly on site. Proportional valves enable flow variation of a fluid.

Flow Control Posiflow
Flow Control Posiflow - 202
Asco POSIFLOW proportional valves can be used in practically all applications in which the flow of a liquid or gas needs to be controlled. Since a single proportional valve replaces two or three conventional valves connected in parallel (NO / NC) to obtain low, medium or high flow rates, it is extremely cost and space saving. The core is guided by two rider rings so that the valve has low friction and high dynamic properties. An electronic control unit which is directly fitted onto the POSIFLOW increases its range of application even further. The integrated potentiometer is used to adjust minimum current, maximum current and frequency. A current ramp which can be altered by a potentiometer can also be connected. Thus slow changes in flow can be obtained in spite of sudden changes in the set-point. In case of set-points < 200 mV (<0.4 / 4.4 mA), the piloting current is completely switched off, so that the valve is without current (tightly closed function).
Data Sheet 202 pdf

Flow Control Piezotronic
Flow Control Piezotronic - 630
The Asco PIEZOTRONIC valve with proportional control is a high-tech solution designed in particular for those applications with an extremely low power consumption. It is suited for use with battery-operated equipment or in potentially explosive areas. Due to its long service life of 1 billion cycles it is also integrated in measuring systems such as medical equipment and gas analysers. It can even be powered by solar cells. Moreover, the PIEZOTRONIC valve is particularly suited for portable equipment because of its low weight.
Data Sheet 630 pdf

Pressure Control Sentronic
Pressure Control Sentronic - 601
The SENTRONIC valve with its internal control loop combines innovative pneumatic technology with the integrated analog electronics. This valve series allows for accurate adjustment of pressure, flow, force, speed, and linear or angular positions. All orifices have the same diameter for short response times when applying or exhausting pressure. The combined effect of all components assures a control behaviour at an extremely low hysteresis..
Data Sheet 601 pdf

Flow Control Pulstronic
Flow Control Pulstronic - 605
Unlike SENTRONIC valves, Asco PULSTRONIC valves operate with pulsed pilot valves which change the pressure in a control chamber. A pressure booster converts the pilot pressure into an outlet pressure with increased flow. The outlet pressure is measured with a pressure sensor and fed into the internal control loop. The set-point is established over the electrical plug-in connector as a standard signal [0 to10 V, 0(4) to 20 mA]..
The PULSTRONIC is particularly suited for pressure control applications with a constant flow, e.g. flow control over nozzles, turbine speed control, glue and lacquer dosing, pressure control of welding equipment.
Data Sheet 605 pdf

Pressure and Flow Control Servotronic
Pressure and Flow Control Servotronic - 607
Greater versatility in automated production processes: due to electronics, the new generation of Asco SERVOTRONIC products increases the range of application and performance of pneumatic components. The two SERVOTRONIC versions directly respond to all pressure and flow control needs and indirectly meet the performance in the control of physical variables, such as position, velocity, acceleration, force, mass etc..The combination of innovative pneumatic technology, high-precision mechanics and modern electronics allows for quick control of flow or pressure in a pneumatic actuating system in relation to a signal received from the controlling electronics. The SERVOTRONIC valve is used for flow control (proportional flow) and is provided with a precision-lapped spool and sleeve with hardened and tempered surface allowing for very high pulse frequencies at extremely short response times. The SERVOTRONIC valve has a constant air consumption
Data Sheet 607 pdf

Flow Control Posimatic Compact Positioner
Flow Control Posimatic Compact Positioner - 290/390
Asco Pressure operated 2 or 3-way proportional valves equipped with Posimatic or Compact Positioner offer a compact solution and are simple to install and easy to adjust. These valves can be used in many processes: sequential control systems, regulation in open and closed loop, flow or pressure control by servo-adjustment of the disc stroke. In installations where it is necessary to adapt process parameters directly on site, the Posimatic positioner mounted on a series 290 - 390, 2 or 3-way valve allows for a large range of flow characteristics. The system is easily programmable by 4 data entry keys, a pop up menu and an alphanumeric LCD screen. For machinery where space is at a premium, the Compact positioner, mounted directly on the valve, represents a simple and economic solution. Each valve equipped with a positioner is accompanied by a test certificate showing its calibration curve, guaranteeing the linearity of the characteristic "setpoint/ opening".
Data sheet 290/390 pdf

Electronic Proportional Control Unit For Posiflow
Electronic Proportional Control Unit For Posiflow - 908
• Converts analog input control signals to coil current of a proportional solenoid valve by means of pulse width modulatiion
• Switch-off function at less then 2% of the maximum control signal
• Adjustable ramp control
• Output coil current independent of coil resistance (temperature) and supply voltage variations
• Min. and max. output coil current adjustable to required input control signal
• The electronic circuit is integrated in a housing connectable to a 3-terminal spade plug coil connector according to ISO 4400/ EN 175301-803, form A, DIN 43650, 11 mm, industry standard B or DIN 43650, 9,4 mm, industry standard B
Data Sheet 908 pdf

Sentronic D
Sentronic D - 608 / 609
A new generation of Asco DIGITAL electronic pressure regulators:
DIRECT OPERATED : precise control and quick response times
DYNAMIC : short stabilising periods and low oscillation frequency
Gives you full control over the parameters used inside the valve: Manual control: the incorporated DISPLAY and the two push-buttons enable pressure readout, pressure manual set-point and LED diagnosis.
Computer control : Parameters features: this flexibility allows you to adapt the valve to your application and optimise its response time, accuracy and pressure control.
Valve diagnosis: read valve information such as serial number andvalve temperature, and watch the operation time using the operation counter. Read valve status and perform test functions for installation and service.
Storage of parameters: once the optimal parameters are determined, you can store them in a project file for your personal use, or you may forward the file to our Product Support Department for future serial production..
Data Sheet 608/609 pdf
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